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Etim expands its testing scope and renews its NADCAP accreditation

Etim has just obtained the renewal until MAY 2024 of its NADCAP accreditation with the MERIT status.

We have expanded our scope with 45 "CODE TESTS", making Etim the leading European laboratory in the field of "Non Metallic Materials Testing".

Franck Bordellier – Director 

An agreement with Dassault Aviation for composites

Dassault Aviation and Cetim signed a framework agreement in June concerning the manufacturing of composite specimens and tomography controls of large-sized parts for a 5 year period.


Dassault Aviation relies on Cetim for its services of specimen manufacturing and tomography control of composite parts.
Last June, this trust was materialized by the signature of a framework agreement concerning the manufacturing of composite specimens - including machining and all the preparation (fitting and gluing of heels, assemblies, screwings) - and tomography control services for Falcon parts, for a 5-year period.

With this agreement, Dassault Aviation recognizes Cetim's capacity to adapt and to answer in an agile way to new requests, in particular the realization of complex specimens.  Already supplier of standard specimens for the aircraft manufacturer for several years, Cetim thus set up a dedicated organization and invested in two new machines: a Datron M10 Pro CNC machining center and a new generation cutting machine able to process plates and parts of larger dimensions (up to 2 meters long).

Cetim’s unique capabilities in France for X-ray tomography inspection of very large parts, together with the necessary certifications and accreditations in the aerospace sector, are also a key advantage.

ETIM renews its NADCAP accreditation successfully

The renewal of the NADCAP accreditation was announced in January 2020 with a "MERIT" status for the implementation of 44 Test codes and thus strengthens the position of ETIM as the 1st NADCAP laboratory in France.

See the accreditations in our Download section.

Continuous improvements of service delivery

ETIM is improving its security approach for one aim : 0  accidents.  The final purpose is on the one hand to garrranty the employee security and on the other hand to perform reliable and short time service delivery.

SAFRAN Qualification for Special Process

Following an audit end 2015, ETIM gains a new customer qualification, from Safran group, for coupons machining of composite material. We are now in capacity to offer our services to all companies and subcontractors of Safran Group.

 Download our certificate here.

ETIM - First French Laboratory for NADCAP accreditations

During this summer, ETIM became the first French independent laboratory regarding its number of NADCAP NMMT (Non-Metallic Materials Testing) accreditations (25).

Read more below in our Press Release or download it.

PRESS RELEASE - September 10th 2015

ETIM, french leader for composites testing with 25 NADCAP accreditations

ETIM Nadcap - composite testing laboratoryWith 25 accreditations, ETIM, composites testing lab, becomes the first french independant laboratory regarding the number of NADCAP NMMT (Non-Metallic Material Testing) accreditations.

These accreditations cover a very large scope, from mechanical testing (tensile, compression, flexure, ILSS, G1C, …) to thermal analysis (DSC, DMA, FVC, …). Moreover, ETIM was also awarded with the Merit approval, corresponding to zero non-compliance in the last three audits.

Emmanuel Vassort, deputy General Manager for ETIM, said : “We are very pleased with this official quality recognition. It adds up to an efficient and innovative industrial organization which allows us to propose to our customers a very wide range of integrated services, with short and reliable leadtimes, and optimized prices.”

NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) is a program launched by the main “primes” of the aerospace international industry in order to contribute to a continuous improvement of the performances of the different suppliers of the sector. The NADCAP accreditations granted to testing labs are very prestigious and requested by customers, as they certify a perfect mastery of the tests.

ETIM, located at Technocampus Composites in Bouguenais (France), is a joint venture created by Europe Technologies Group (300 p, turnover 58 M€) and CETIM (700 p, turnover 115 M€). Adding the reactivity of a SME to the expertize of a National Technical Institute, and offering integrated services (from plates manufacturing to testing, including coupons machining and preparation), it settles as the european reference laboratory for composites testing with fast turnarounds.

Etim increased its test scope under NADCAP accreditation

For its first audit revision, ETIM has been awarded with 8 new tests code to be added to the previous list of NADCAP accreditations for Non Metallic Material Testing.

Download the detail of our NADCAP accreditations.

ETIM - Nadcap certificate

New testing qualification for ETIM

ETIM is qualified by Airbus for microscopic observation and measurement of porosity imaging according AITM 4-0003.

Download all Aribus testing qualifications

NADCAP accreditation for ETIM!

ETIM - Testing laboratory for composites - gets the Nadcap accreditation

Bouguenais - september the 1st 2013 - ETIM, Testing laboratory dedicated to composites, located in Technocampus EMC² in Bouguenais (France), just achieved the Nadcap accreditation (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program), essential certification for any business development dedicated to the Aerospace sector. With this new recognition added to the recent ISO EN 17025 certification, ETIM strengthens its position with its partners and customers.

Composites and their many advantages (weight saving, strength improvement ...) are more and more widespread on aircraft and aeronautical equipment. The flight worthiness of these composite parts is demonstrated through numerous validation and qualification tests which are the core business of ETIM.

"We are pleased to obtain this accreditation, which confirms that the quality system implemented since the start of ETIM is based on solid foundations. This accreditation is both building trust for our existing customers and also opening up new development opportunities to other new clients for which the NADCAP label is an unavoidable "sesame". More than ever, our goal is to provide the finest in quality, cost and time in order to consolidate our position as the reference laboratory in the field of composite material testing“, comments Emmanuel Vassort, ETIM Deputy General Manager.

Download our press release

ISO 17025 certification for ETIM

ETIM is proud to announce its recent certification ISO:IEC 17025:2005 delivered by the COFRAC (French Comity for Certifications).

ISO/IEC 17025:2005 specifies the general requirements for the competence to carry out tests and/or calibrations, including sampling. It covers testing and calibration performed using standard methods, non-standard methods, and laboratory-developed methods (...)

Once again we thank our clients who put their trust in ETIM Composite Laboratory.

ETIM staff